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    A Guy And His Mom Made This Adorable Song Making Fun Of White People's Store-Bought Hummus

    And it's set to Meaghan Trainor's "All About That Bass" no less.

    Arab-American comedian Remy Munasifi and his mom put together an amazing hummus-themed "All About That Bass" parody.

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    Munasifi really loves hummus.

    Like I know it's not possible to like hummus too much, but Munasifi is definitely pushing it...

    He's also a defender of real hummus.

    Dang, look at that drizzle.

    Which is nothing like the stuff white people buy in tubs.

    Or as Munasifi puts it: "Never dip a carrot or tortilla / Hummus is like Katniss: it needs pita."

    Sorry, white people.