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    Swedish Cleaning Woman Steals Train, Accidentally Crashes It Into Home

    Luckily no one inside the apartment building was hurt. It's still unclear what the thief was attempting to do with the stolen train.

    A cleaning worker for the Arriva train company stole one of their four-car trains on Tuesday and accidentally derailed it, slamming it into the side of a three-family home in a suburb outside of Stockholm.

    The driver was immediately arrested for endangering the public and flown to Stockholm hospital for the injuries she received in the crash.

    It's unclear how the woman got ahold of the keys to the train or why she was stealing it, but Tomas Hedenius, a spokesman for the train company told the AP that driving a train isn't particularly difficult.

    "Generally speaking that's possible, even if you're not a train driver," Hedenius told the AP. "You can read about it on the Internet, or observe how others do it."