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Someone Made A Marriage Proposal Music Video To The Tune Of "Thrift Shop"


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From the YouTube description:

This is our proposal music video. We shot the majority of this just minutes after getting engaged on Saturday, March 16th on the rooftop of Bossa Nova in Midtown OKC with friends and family - the best people to have in a video! We are getting married in Vegas on April 27th, 2013, and it's gonna be amazing.

And these are the lyrics:

I'm gonna pop that ring

Takin' that baby girl off tha market

I-I-I like it, putting' a ring on it

She is freakin awesome

Walk into the club I'm like, "What up? I gotta big rock!"

Nah I'm just pumped up bought some ring from the bling shop.

Ice on her hand, it's so damn frosty

That people like, "Damn! That's some cold ass honkeys."

Rollin' in super blinged, heading to the mezzanine

Lookin for a drink, and for her, she want something sweet

On top of OKC, girl standing next to me

Totally gonna rock this, smells like L.O.V.E


And check out those hips!!!

Your grammy, your aunty, your momma, your mammy

They aint seen nothing like this. and I'll rock that baby maker.

Ditch the onesie and I'll shock that baby maker

Life's a party, don't stop on that baby maker

I call that getting married and hitched

I call that taking care of bizzzness

My girl's hella dope

And finding the same girl in this world, man you hella don't

Man you hella won't

You put this show on hold, you look incredible

What are we waiting for? Head to Vegas hit the road

The best things at three price points