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    Dec 27, 2012

    So You Found An Old Mix CD...

    It was underneath the floor mat of your car, it's a little scratched but still plays, and oh god, is it embarrassing.

    Holy cow, is that the mix CD you made in 2004?!

    Ah yeah, let's get down to some old-school jams.

    Clearly you have to listen to it right this second!

    But then the first song starts...

    And you remember how old you were when you made it.

    Oh no.

    You made this right after that messy breakup.

    The second track comes on — you put two Smiths songs on here back-to-back? What was wrong with you?!

    Meanwhile, your friend in the passenger seat is like:

    But wait a second, what's this next song?

    Oh my God, you weren't a total loser!

    This road trip just turned into the best party in the world.

    And your friend next to you thinks maybe you were pretty cool in high school after all.

    That is, until you hear the folk song you put on next and remember that really "earthy phase" you went through.

    And you try and play it off like this mix still totally holds up.

    "Ha ha. This is, this is, uh, pretty good stuff right here."

    But on the inside you're like:

    (facepalm, get it?)

    But then you hear it. In the middle of the CD. Is that — is that... "Just a Girl" by No Doubt?

    You look at your friend to see if they're as excited as you are...


    Until, of course, someone pulls up next to you.

    And your friend is like...

    And the two of you spend the rest of the trip sitting in silence.