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29 Of The Most Cringeworthy Things Everyone Remembers About #GrowingUpEmo

"Rawr means I love you in dinosaur!!!1"

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1. Your first bands.

#GrowingUpEmo Emo Band Starter Pack


Violently yelling “What a shame the poor grooms bride is a..” only to be let down by the clean version on the radio #GrowingUpEmo


#GrowingUpEmo being able to recognize welcome to the black parade from the first note

4. Your first attempts at doing your own makeup.

#GrowingUpEmo never being able to do your eyeliner as good as them


#GrowingUpEmo you would get mad bc the shade of black on your shirt wouldn't match the shade of black from your jeans


#GrowingUpEmo "what does your shirt say?" "oh, it's a band"


#GrowingUpEmo having Xx_ at the start and end of every username

8. Your late-night Google searches.

this was your google search history #GrowingUpEmo



#GrowingUpEmo Seeing a guy at Hot Topic with "flippy" hair and wanting to marry him right then and there

11. Your first edgy haircut.

#GrowingUpEmo Asking the hairstylist to make your hair look like this


#GrowingUpEmo when the hairdressers never get your bangs how u want it


"Why don't you pull your hair back so we can see your pretty face?" #GrowingUpEmo

14. Your comic collection.

#GrowingUpEmo loving these comics because they truly expressed your inner-emo


#GrowingUpEmo wanting everything with these


#GrowingUpEmo "I'm Not Okay" by MCR speaking to you on a personal level

17. Your first use of the word "rawr."

#GrowingUpEmo why did i make this????????


#GrowingUpEmo Having your father take you into the city to see a marching band


#GrowingUpEmo Doubting myself for liking NeverShoutNever's songs because they were too happy & against the emo moral code

20. Your first middle-finger photo.

#GrowingUpEmo : You know, sometimes you'd just... #ItsNotAPhaseMom


#GrowingUpEmo when this described you perfectly


#GrowingUpEmo getting frustrated with kerrang because they put your 2 fave bands on a double sided poster


When you had to make your parents walk away from you when browsing the Hot Topic tshirt wall because parents... #GrowingUpEmo

24. Your first breakup.

#GrowingUpEmo having your first heartbreak

25. Your first time reading The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

#GrowingUpEmo underlining passages in "The Perks of Being A Wallflower" or "Go Ask Alice"


#GrowingUpEmo calling yourself emo ironically but after awhile you weren't so sure...


#GrowingUpEmo "You're emo" Me: "acts super mad bc u called me emo but secretly happy that you noticed my black hair and all back clothes"

28. And of course, the first time you realized it all really was "just a phase."

#GrowingUpEmo having to tell your parents this isn't a phase, but 4 years later you look back and thank jesus it was

29. ...or not.

#growingupemo never truly leaving the phase and secretly still listening to all yer emo tunes at 3am

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