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This Girl Had A Perfect Way Of Dealing With Her Dog Always Following Her Into The Shower

That is not a loofah.

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He kept following me & I had to shower so I let him stay in the bathroom then he cried because he couldnt see me so

This genius dog hack was thought up by Lysette Melendez. Melendez is a 16-year-old from California.

The little white fluff ball up on the shelf is her dog Benji. Her photo was been retweeted 12,000 times since Tuesday night. Melendez said most of the reactions she's received have been super positive.

"Others have commented on my bathroom being unorganized 😂 or how what I did was unsafe," Melendez told BuzzFeed. "It wasn't because I laid a rag down so his feet didn't fall."

"I knew my puppy was cute but holy crap," Melendez said.

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