Shocking Video Surfaces Of Riot Police Slamming Into An Unsuspecting University Of Arizona Student

Questions about the Tucson Police Department’s handling of unruly crowds at the University Of Arizona.

1. A video taken Saturday night shows a police officer slamming into a female University Of Arizona student.

2. Students took to the streets following their basketball team’s loss to the University of Wisconsin in the NCAA Tournament. In the video, the female student is hit by an officer and begins to scream.


3. The university’s newspaper, The Daily Wildcat, livetweeted the Tucson Police Department’s attempt to break up the crowds.

6. Students began throwing beer bottles and firecrackers at the police as they moved in on the crowd of students.

TPD officers assembled on University

— Daily Wildcat (@dailywildcat)

7. According to a Tucson Police Department spokesperson, officers fired pepper balls into the crowd in an attempt to break up the unruly crowds.

8. By the end of the night 15 misdemeanor arrests were made, and 14 of those individuals were cited and released.


— Jacob Cooper (@bearjew53)

9. More than a dozen people were charged with offenses including unlawful assembly, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct.

Man in neck brace shot four times in back with pepper balls during riot on University Boulevard

— Daily Wildcat (@dailywildcat)

10. According to The Arizona Star, the only reported damage from the night was a knocked over street sign.

11. Tucson police are investigating the incident involving the video of the girl getting pushed, but told KVOA Tucson that things went well for the most part on Saturday night.

Brother Dean taken into custody by TPD officers

— Daily Wildcat (@dailywildcat)

12. According to Deadspin, students are planning on filing lawsuits against the Tucson Police Department over the amount of force used.

One man confronts the line of advancing #Tucson Police as they tried to disperse the crowd. Photo by @KellyPresnell

— Arizona Daily Star (@StarNet)

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