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Monkey Rampage In Indonesia Leaves Seven Injured

The monkeys in the area, which are typically fearful of humans, went on a rampage last Monday, entering houses and attacking people.

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Earlier this week, a group of about 10 monkeys went on a rampage through the eastern Indonesian village of Toddang Pulu. The gang of monkeys broke into homes, attacking and biting villagers and sending the community into a panic.

A 16-year-old boy was attacked especially badly and is currently hospitalized for monkey bites.

Ambo Ella, a spokesman for Sidendeng Rappang District in South Sulawesi province, told the The Associated Press that it is unclear why the rampage happened, as the local monkey population is usually very afraid of humans.

Ella believes the gang of monkeys might have been protected by a local tribe in a nearby forest.


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