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Brazilians Are Making Memes Out Of Their President After She Was Impeached

Brazilian social media is out of control right now.

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On Thursday, Brazil’s senate voted to impeach President Dilma Rousseff. Rousseff will be suspended from the presidency and will face a trial. And vice-president Michel Temer, the 75-year-old head of the PMDB party, is to assume office while the trial takes place.

Both protests and celebrations are breaking out throughout the country and Brazilian social media is inundated with memes about the impeachment, like this hashtag called #SeEuFosseADilma or #IfIWasDilma.

Twitter: @luscas

"#IfIWereDilma I would go down the ramp of the Planalto Palace on a skateboard giving the middle finger to everyone"

"#IfIWereDilma I would leave with class"


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