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There Is A Man Dressed Like A Cartoon Superhero Going Around And Cleaning The Streets Of Tokyo

He's literally cleaning up the streets.

This is Mangetsu Man, which translates to Full Moon Man. He's a costumed vigilante that's been seen all around Tokyo this summer.



Mangetsu Man doesn't fight crime, though. He battles grime.



"While most superheroes fight crime, for Mangetsu-man the enemy is garbage..." http://t.co/1fTmwqUcfo

Mangetsu Man goes around Tokyo cleaning up the streets, which he hopes will also "clean up all the negativity in the world."


[UNIK] Mangetsu Man,sosok superhero yg menjaga kebersihan Tokyo. Ia membekali diri dg senjata sapu & cikrak #MSOW

Which might actually be working, as he's gained quite a fanbase.

Tonight, we honor Mangetsu-Man for it is the night of the full moon. We LOVE U, Mangetsu-Man

マネージャーです。これより満月マン 日本橋クルーズに乗船します!船長とツーショット!

So far, no one has figured out his true identity. He even goes so far as to mask his voice by using a voice dictation app.

みんな おはよう!満月マンは今朝5chの羽鳥さん司会のモーニングバードという番組で8時45分~9時の間に5分間くらい出るみたいなので見てね。どんな風にまとめてくれるのかドキドキ(*_*)

@mangetsu_man 長時間お掃除していた満月マンさんに、頭が下がります。チロルチョコもありがとうございました(*´▽`*)

There may be a larger goal for Mangetsu Man's clean up project. He's now joining a petition to get rid of a Tokyo expressway that blocks an iconic landmark.

Only time will tell if our masked hero will be successful in his pursuit of truth, justice, and public sanitation.

みんな満月マン = 掃除の人 と思いがちだけれど、実は夜の街をパトロールしたりもするんだよ。このレーザーブレードをもって。