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My Bizarre Quest To Make A Hoodie Out Of My Tweets With William Shatner About "Sailor Moon"

Like every good story, it all started when I got a coupon.

So this all started last month, when I came across a Twitter exchange William Shatner had about Sailor Moon. I freaked out about it and tweeted it out.


Shatner found it, tweeted at me, and it was amazing. "SM Crystal" by the way is a reference to the new Sailor Moon Crystal series currently airing.

@broderick That's so yesterday's news. What are your thoughts on SM Crystal? 😉

So skip forward to Thursday, I received a coupon from Zazzle. Zazzle is a website that lets you design any kind of clothing you want.

So obviously, if the thing is going to be half-off, I'm going to totally make a shirt commemorating the time William Shatner tweeted at me about Sailor Moon.

Except there was a problem. The tweet screencap was against Zazzle's content guidelines. They said it violated Shatner's copyright.

I panicked because the coupon expired at 7 p.m. I was running out of time. So I bugged them on Twitter.

@zazzle Hi Zazzle, I love your site. I had a design rejected for copyright. But it's screenshot of a Twitter conversation I was part of.

@broderick Hmmm...let us check with our Content Management Team and we'll get right back to you. Thanks for reaching out!

I really wanted this hoodie, even if it meant trying to get Shatner's permission.

@zazzle Would I need the other Twitter account's permission to make the shirt? Even though the tweet was directed to me and made publicly?

Zazzle called my bluff, and looped Shatner into the conversation.

@broderick It looks like your convo was with @WilliamShatner, so we're happy to print it with his permission!

So I went to work. I tried to rally as much Twitter support as I could.

Hi @WilliamShatner would it be ok to for me to make a personal @zazzle shirt of our twitter convo from last month?

I only had a few hours left to restore my purchase before my coupon expired. The clock was ticking!

This is the @zazzle hoodie of my twitter convo with @WilliamShatner that I'm trying to get his permission to make

And low and behold, he saw it! And like some kind of benevolent Roman emperor, he put it to a vote.

So how do you feel about a guy from @buzzfeed wearing this Twitter convo design to the office? 👍 or 👎?

I started getting pretty nervous. The internet isn't always a friendly place. And I really wanted this hoodie.

@WilliamShatner @BuzzFeed 👍

@WilliamShatner @BuzzFeed 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

What was even scary was Shatner started throwing some shade.

My worry - is Buzzfeed the new Engadget? Are they all going to have a Sailor Planet attack on me?

Dang, Shat, that's cold.

“@SoulPoet: @BuzzFeed It's a bit silly. I enjoyed my twitter convo w/ @reneauberjonois but I wouldn't make it into a shirt.” Who would? 😘

Then he gave me an ultimatum. I could make the hoodie, but ONLY if I could get BuzzFeed founder Jonah Peretti to take a photo with me while I wore it.

.@broderick Here's my deal. You can have permission *IF* you ask Jonah Peretti the founder of @BuzzFeed to take a photo w/ you in the hoodie

Which, look, let's be real, when I was thinking about making this William Shatner Sailor Moon hoodie I did not expect I would have to explain myself to the head of BuzzFeed.

.@peretti There you are! I was looking for you. You have a dilemma: 😉

But thankfully Jonah jumped in and made Shatner and Zazzle a counter offer. I felt like a pawn in an elaborate game of Twitter chess.

@WilliamShatner @broderick @BuzzFeed deal *IF* I get a free hoodie 😎

And then finally, perhaps taking pity on me, knowing I had been masterfully owned, Shatner granted me permission to make the hoodie.

OK @zazzle has my permission & if they give @peretti a hoodie he will take the photo with @broderick & post it on @BuzzFeed so everyone wins

.@WilliamShatner @zazzle @peretti @BuzzFeed You're my hero. Thank you so much Mr. Shatner! Zazzle engage!

@WilliamShatner You are a Master Negotiator. Your bid has been accepted. Upping the ante with free hoodies for @peretti @broderick @BuzzFeed

The internet cheered!

@WilliamShatner @zazzle @peretti @broderick @BuzzFeed everybody wins

@WilliamShatner @priceline @peretti @broderick @BuzzFeed @zazzle this is amazing.

@WilliamShatner @priceline @peretti @broderick @BuzzFeed @zazzle THIS is exactly why I ❤️ Twitter!

@broderick @zazzle @WilliamShatner @peretti @BuzzFeed This is a beautiful, beautiful thing. #priceliiinenegotiator

So Zazzle is restoring my purchase. No word, though, about whether or not they're still honoring my coupon...

The internet sure is a weird place.

I got the hoodie and they honored my coupon!

My long and strange journey to get a @WilliamShatner @zazzle hoodie is over. Thanks @peretti!