Preschooler Wants To Be A Power Ranger When He Grows Up, The Power Rangers Tell Him To Never Give Up

Great job Internet!

1. This is Kaleb, he’s 4-years-old and he started Preschool this week. His dad snapped this picture on the way to school.

2. Well, Kaleb’s photo made its way online, and it looks like the Power Rangers ended up seeing Kaleb’s note.

Being the proud daddy that I am, I put this up on Reddit under the /r/funny subreddit. I thought it was cute, but also got a good laugh at it myself.

The picture was seen by over 330,000 people.

One of those people just happened to be a moderator for group of Power Ranger Cosplayers. What happened next was simply amazing. This moderator, I’ll not use his name just in case, wanted me to email him with my son’s name. He then made THIS happen:

3. Kaleb’s letter made a pretty big impact because in the five days since it was uploaded…

5. Dozens of grown-up Power Rangers have sent a note to Kaleb reminding him to never give up on his dream of becoming a Power Ranger.

7. According to his dad’s blog post, Kaleb is still learning to read, but he of course recognizes the Power Rangers, even some old ones he doesn’t know yet.

9. A lot of the photos were sent in by Power Ranger cosplayers beloning to the Facebook Rangers group.

11. Even Kamen Rider stopped by to wish Kaleb well on his first year of school!

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