Please Don’t Be Like This Kid And Dump Someone With An Instagram Hashtag

No, no, no, no.

1. Acceptable ways to dump someone:

1) Face-to-face
2) Over the phone
3) In some kind of heartfelt and apologetic letter
4) A skywriting plane

2. Not an acceptable way to dump someone:

After this screenshot went pretty viral, both the Instagram accounts involved were deleted or set to private. So maybe he learned his lesson.

3. Teens, amirite?

4. IMPORTANT UPDATE: A friend of the couple, who asked to remain anonymous, reached out to BuzzFeed.

“I go to school with the two in the picture. The picture and the comment were all a joke; the couple had broken up months ago,” The friend said. “It was funny until the picture went viral.”

Please, though, remember that Instagram hashtags are not a good way to break-up with someone!

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