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    Meet Pig, The Strange Looking Dog Who Is Technically Only Half Of A Dog

    But she's also actually really adorable!

    Meet Pig the Unusual Dog. Her mother was feral and Pig and her siblings might have died if Pig's barking didn't attract the attention of Alabama native Kim Dillenbeck.

    Dillenbeck didn't think Pig would live due to her bizarre shape. But she did! Pig is currently 8 months old, so she's not full grown just yet.

    Joey Kennedy/

    Her first public outing was at a local fair called Do Dah Day last month. People freaked out a bit. I mean, Pig is one weird-looking pup.

    Joey Kennedy/

    Everyone wanted to take a photo with her as she made her way around the fairground.

    Joey Kennedy/

    Pig seems to be in good health. She can run and doesn't appear to be in any obvious pain. According to Dillenbeck, Pig thinks she's just a normal dog.

    AP Photo/Jay Reeves

    Pig's bizarre frame is due to the fact that she's missing several ribs, along with part of her spine. Dillenbeck has to keep an eye on her when she eats just make sure she doesn't choke on anything.

    Pig is super vocal and playful though, and she's definitely not afraid to bark when she wants your attention.

    Joey Kennedy/

    Pig made such a splash at Do Dah Day that she ended up in all kinds of news outlets. Hooray Pig!

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