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21 People That Prove #DoItForTheVine Has Gone Way Too Far

You don't want to watch these, but you also totally have to.

1. This kid jumping from his staircase.

2. This guy rubbing himself in ice cream in a drive-thru.

3. The girl who did this in a Target.

4. This guy in a balaclava and this guy in a horse mask waking this other guy up with firecrackers and a gun.

5. The people lighting this guy on fire.

6. And the people lighting this guy on fire.

7. This guy riding a wrecking ball naked.

8. And that same guy's photo shoot.

9. These twerking toddlers.

10. These guys who tried, and failed, to do that OK Go treadmill video.

11. This kid who exploded two jugs of milk in a supermarket.

12. This girl doing this in a CVS.

13. This dude knifing his toaster while it's plugged in.

14. This person doing, uh, whatever this is.

15. This little girl dancing and covering herself in dog treats.

16. The girl vaccuuming this girl's face.

17. This kid twerking in the middle of the road.

18. This girl jumping into the back of a stranger's pickup truck.

19. This guy who was dancing to 2 Chainz on a boat that was being towed by a car and then fell off of it.

20. The kid who made this massive #SmackCam.

21. And lastly, the girl who slapped a cop in the face with a pie.

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[Ed.: The girl who slapped the cop, danced in the Target, and hit that person in the face in a CVS is the same user, so it's pretty safe to say that she singlehandedly is taking Vine too far.]