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People Keep Tweeting Different Kinds Of Hats That Paddy Ashdown Could Eat

Rule No. 1 of politics: Don't make promises you can't keep.

After Thursday night's first general election exit poll on the BBC, Lord Paddy Ashdown said he'd eat his hat if the poll was correct regarding the number of seats the Lib Dems had won.


Which turned out to be a bit of a bad move.

.@paddyashdown snacks on his marzipan hat. Delicious! #GE2015

Because now people are suggesting different kinds of hats for Ashdown to eat.

So @paddyashdown will eat his hat live on TV if the #GE2015 exit polls prove correct. He says. Today.

I've found the hat @BBC @BBCBreaking #GE2015

And not all of them are very nice...

I've found a hat for Paddy Ashdown to eat. #GE2015

BREAKING: Paddy Ashdown's hat has arrived at the studio.

See what I mean?

I'm happy to get this hat couriered over to Paddy Ashdown - just text me @LibDems. #BBCElections2015

Fortunately this is Paddy Ashdown's hat #GE2015

This guy's wife made a tiny hat out of marzipan for Ashdown to eat.

Wife has made me a Paddy Ashdown marzipan hat.

#KCA #VoteJKT48ID Em_82: paddys_hat #voted #paddyashdown Paddy Ashdown wants to eat a hat? If only he'd turned up …

This one is just too large.

@BBCBreaking Or this one might be more suitable for Paddy Ashdown to eat #GE2015 #Election2015

Behind the scenes shot of Paddy Ashdown's hat... Anyone got a Coke to wash it down?... #ExitPolls

At least this one has food on it.

If I was Lord Ashdown I would happily eat this...#GeneralElection #eatmyhat #DecisionTime

If that poll is right I will 'publicly eat my hat' says Paddy Ashdown. Here's one just in case. #SWLGE2015 #GE2015

Moral of the story: Don't threaten to eat hats you don't have!

Spot poll, which hat would you like to watch #PaddyAshdown eat live on TV? #GeneralElection @BBCPolitics

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