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    A Pump That Sucks Food Out Of Your Stomach After Meals

    Here's the patent for this dieting wonder gadget as told by stock photography. From Dean Kamen, inventor of the Segway, a device that empties your stomach 20 minutes after meals.

    Here's a diagram of what the pump looks like:

    From the patent report: "The present invention is directed to an apparatus and method for treating obesity."

    "A tube is positioned that passes through a patient's abdominal wall into the upper digestive system of the patient."

    "The patient is allowed to carry out his/her everyday affairs including ingesting food."

    "After the patient has ingested food, the food is extracted by pumping it out of the upper digestive system through the tube."

    "The present invention is less invasive than current surgical procedures for reducing weight..."

    "...and allows patients to live a normal and active lifestyle without experiencing adverse side effects."

    "Preliminary trials in human patients have been successful… one female patient, middle aged and weighing 220 pounds, had a tube installed in her stomach for 59 weeks and successfully lost 85 pounds without experiencing any serious adverse side effe

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