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"Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary" Is The Best Facebook Page Ever And You Need To Follow It

It's a senior citizen home for dogs!

The Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary is the best Facebook page that exists. No question.

Old Friends is a Tennessee dog sanctuary that focuses on senior dogs, "especially those with medical problems or disabilities... because it is difficult to find adopters for them due to their shorter additional life expectancy and unknown veterinary costs."

On the sanctuary's Facebook page, it introduces you to all the old dogs living there, like this pug named Smiley.

Smiley is best friends with Harley, a very wonderful golden retriever.

They love taking naps together.

And here's Leo. He loves snow.

See what I mean?

One of the real stars of the sanctuary is Ms. Gertrude.

Sometimes she's a real classy lady.

And sometimes she's getting rowdy in the yard.

You'll meet cool dogs like Rambo.

And Toby — what a lady-killer!

My personal favorite, though, is Captain Ron.

He basically runs the place.

Well, he tries to!

Jeff and Jake are the troublemakers of the group.


Oh! Almost forgot one of the best parts of the page: Sometimes they update you on where the dogs go once they get adopted!

In conclusion: Follow the Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary and make 2016 the year of Mildred.

OK bye!