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Oh My God, There's A Cat In Russia That Wears A Bow Tie And Works As A Librarian

The world is a beautiful place.

Meet Kuzya, he's a cat and he lives in Russia. Also, he wears a bow tie.

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Not only does he know that bow ties are cool, but he's currently officially employed as an assistant librarian at the Novorossiysk Library.

The story goes that Kuzya wandered up to the library one day and decided it was a nice place to live.

But there are restrictions about keeping animals in libraries — no matter how stylishly you dress them — so the staff had to petition for Kuzya to get a "cat passport," which is, hilariously, a real thing.

Kuzya, not content at being just a normal pet cat, was recently upgraded to the title of "assistant librarian"...

It's a promotion that was actually documented and signed.

So now, with a newfound sense of purpose, Kuzya roams the library, making sure everything's in order.

That books are in the right places according to his meticulous organization standards.

And just all around spreading the joys of reading.

Hooray Kuzya!