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Norwegian Mass Murderer Anders Breivik Sentenced To 21 Years In Jail

Breivik, responsible for the deaths of 77 people, was convicted of terrorism and premeditated murder today, receiving 21 years imprisonment.

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Last August, Anders Breivik murdered 77 people at a youth camp on Utoeya Island, 25 miles northwest of Oslo, Norway.


A 10-week trial ended with a verdict today, ruling that Breivik was not insane and must serve the maximum jail term.

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Norway does not have a death penalty. Their steepest sentence is 21 years with the possibility of indefinite extension.

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Breivik was sentenced to the full 21 years, though he may be imprisoned longer if he is still considered a danger to society.


Judge Wenche Elisabeth Arntzen said that the court considered Breivik to be suffering from "narcissistic personality characteristics," but that he was not insane.

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He will live out his sentence in an 86-square-foot cell in Ila Detention and Security Prison, outside of Oslo.

After his sentence was given Breivik raised his fist in a defiant right wing salute.

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