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    A 9-Year-Old Rapper Named Lil Poopy Is Being Investigated By Child Services

    Massachusetts law enforcement is not particularly thrilled with the sexuality in his music videos.

    Lil Poopy is a 9-year-old rapper from Brockton, Massachusetts.

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    His real name is Luie Rivera Jr., and his extremely graphic music videos have been raising the eyebrows of local law enforcement.

    After police saw the videos, they filed a "51A" with the state, allowing them to investigate alleged abuse or neglect.

    Lil Poopy has apparently performed with Diddy and has been spotted in upscale nightclubs.

    Lil Poopy also goes by "Cocaine Cowboy" and performs with a crew called The Coke Boys. He also makes up to $7,500 per performance.

    Lil Poopy's father told Enterprise News that all the butt slapping in his videos is like "how adults praise children who are participating in a baseball game."

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