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    Myanmar Government Shuts Down First Adult Magazine For "Near Pornography"

    The Myanmar government was not too happy about Hnyo Magazine publishing scantily clad women with articles like “Bedroom Secrets” and “How To Be Popular With Women.”

    The Myanmar Information Ministry has pulled the publishing license of the county's first ever “strictly for adults only" magazine.

    Hnyo magazine was a fashion magazine primarily, with love and relationship advice articles. But it also dedicated a large portion of its content to sexual health, a rarity in strongly conservative Myanmar.

    The New Light of Myanmar, an official English-language daily, is reporting that Information Minister of Myanmar Aung Kyi described Hnyo as "near pornography."

    "Hnyo" editor Ko Oo Swe told The Associated Press that whether or not the photos were sexually arousing depended completely on "the eyes of the beholder."

    Hnyo editors plan on resubmitting for a license in the near future.

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