Mountain Dew And Dorito Cupcakes Are A Thing That Exists And They Look Gross But Also Amazing

Who am I kidding, I would eat these.

1. YouTube star Rosanna Pansino said she’s been getting a lot of requests for Mountain Dew and Dorito cupcakes. Most likely because everyone on the Internet is gross.

2. So she decided to put together a recipe. Her recipe uses lemon cupcake mix and Mountain Dew for the batter.

3. And then she topped them with a Mountain Dew cream cheese filling and Dorito crumbs. Ew.

4. She added a big unbroken decorative Dorito to each one, as well.

5. These are what they look like when they’re all put together.

6. As for how they tasted, here is a play-by-play of Pansino trying them.


7. One of Pansino’s fans tried out her recipe. This is what they look like out in the wild.

We made the Mountain Dew and Doritos cupcakes @RosannaPansino

— Jacob Turnbill (@Tuuuuurnbill)

8. And Pansino isn’t the first to try and make them, either. Which really says something.

Mountain Dew & Dorito flavored cupcakes

— DutchDateGawd (@CapitalSS)

9. This is food now. This is what food looks like in the 21st century.

Dorito Mountain Dew cupcakes courtesy of @jonnysullivan82 ! Should I try it?

— J'lyn Nye (@JlynNye)

10. If you’re feeling brave and want to give it a shot at home, here’s Pansino’s full walkthrough.

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