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This Teenager Just Gained 30,000 Followers On Twitter After Dumping His Cheating Girlfriend Using Memes

Meet Twitter's new folk hero.

This is Kane Zipperman. He's a 17-year-old from Georgia, and apparently, he recently discovered his girlfriend was cheating on him.

So he allegedly broke up with her via text and posted it to his Twitter account. The tweet went insanely viral: It's currently been retweeted almost 75,000 times.

Here's a bigger version of it:

Kane's been written about all over the place, he's even being interviewed on HLN Friday.

"There's no such thing as bad publicity." -Wolf of Wall Street

And he seems to be pretty psyched about his newfound fame.

I'm the "ex text" guy and I heard yall were talking about the texts. I'm from Atlanta so how can I listen? @Q104Cleveland

Everyone's been asking for a picture of my Ex, so here she is...

I love how my name has turned into a verb. People are "Kane Zipperman'ing" their ex's

Maybe a little too psyched...

I'm pretty much the Martin Luther King for people who have been cheated on.

This also isn't the first time Kane has gone viral. He used to be known as "The Tiger Shirt Guy" from the 2013 Masters.

I guess some people just have that viral spark.

Can't believe I just hit 30k followers.... 3 days ago I only had 2,000. Its just crazy. Just proves that #CheatersGetNoLove.

For what it's worth, Kane has posted updates from his ex, but not everyone is buying it.