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Meet Casey And Brutus: The Man/Bear Bromance

Naturalist Casey Anderson adopted a grizzly bear named Brutus and brought him home. Now, the two are best friends, and Brutus has become part of the family.

This is Casey Anderson and his pet bear Brutus.

WARNING: We do not advocate having a pet bear, or even having a casual bear acquaintance. Even though bears are adorable and lumber around like big stuffed animals they can totally kill you and won't think twice about it. Also, you should never, ever get in a jacuzzi with a bear. That should go without saying.

Casey met Brutus and his brother when they were just cubs.

Brutus and his brother were born sadly in captivity at a bear reserve. The reserve was heavily overpopulated and Brutus was destined to spend most of his life caged.

Casey decided to adopt Brutus!

Anderson decided to adopt the bear and bring him home to his personal wildlife sanctuary, The Montana Wildlife Grizzly Encounter Wildlife Sanctuary.

At Casey's wildlife sanctuary Brutus had more freedom to do bear stuff, like swim.

And roll around in a field.

Brutus is a pretty big fan of fields.

Now, no matter what your brain might be telling you, this isn't photoshopped.

Because Brutus was born in captivity he lacks a wild animals' natural wariness around humans. Over the years, Brutus has become a big furry family member.

Brutus was even best bear at Casey's wedding!

WARNING: Again, we can not stress enough that you should not invite bears to your wedding. Yes, you'd think they'd make excellent groomsman, but an intimate family ceremony is no place for a wild animal.

Brutus is not your average bear.

Brutus even has a small role in the movie "Pretty Ugly People," along with a few other films.

View this video on YouTube

Casey understands the risks of having a grizzly bear for a best friend, but wouldn't have it any other way.

It's the biggest misconception. When you hear about a grizzly bear, it's because they have done something wrong... We're trying to cure the myths, educate the public.

Brutus still lives with Casey in Montana and their man/bear bromance is still going strong.

Pound it, bro bear.

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