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    Jul 16, 2013

    McDonald's Advises That Employees Get A Second Job To Make A Livable Wage

    It seems McDonald's doesn't think that a person can making a living wage working at McDonald's alone.

    Fast-food workers advocacy group Low Pay Is Not Okay took a look at McDonald's new budgeting website and discovered the company actually suggests employees get a second job to offset McDonald's wages.

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    The website has a place for McDonald's employees to build a monthly budget and it includes a space for a second job.

    The budgeting plan shows that employees would need to make at least $15 an hour to make ends meet, instead of the $8.25 that average McDonald's employees make.

    The budget planner's sample also assumes that employees pay $20 per month for health care, have a $600/month rent, and don't pay for heat.

    McDonald's has issued a statement about the budget planner:

    "In an effort to provide free, comprehensive money management tools, McDonald's first used the Wealth Watchers International budgeting journal when this financial literacy program launched in 2008.

    As part of this program, several resources were developed including a sample budgeting guide, an instructional video and a web resource center that had additional tools and information.

    The samples that are on this site are generic examples and are intended to help provide a general outline of what an individual budget may look like."