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    Over 60,000 People Have Hit Attending On A Facebook Event For "Shit And Pointless Events In London"

    Over 67,000 people have hit attending already.

    As of Friday, thousands of people have hit attending on a fake Facebook event for events in London happening this summer that are "completely shit and pointless".

    The event describes itself as:

    This summer is looking to be a mad one for London's events.. Join us and keep up to date with all of the most ridiculous events London has to offer...

    We are talking:

    - Rooftops parties well over capacity
    - Open air cinemas
    - Slip and Slides
    - Multiple Dj's playing in one night, most of which you may or may not have heard of
    - Flute recitals on a mad scale

    There my even be a University wipeout course!

    Edmund Howard, who organised the event with his brother Mark, emailed BuzzFeed UK about its sudden burst in popularity.

    "We set up a Facebook page yesterday called 'Completely shit and pointless events in London this summer (probably on a rooftop, somewhere)' and it's gone crazy," Howard said. "The page has basically become a forum to poke fun at London events this summer."

    Right now, the event is using the poll feature to figure out what the people attending are hoping to get out of their completely shit London events this summer. Things like, what's the hardest part of choosing an event?

    Or figuring out a headliner.

    They're trying to figure out a good borough to have a shit event in.

    They're figuring out special guests.

    Squaring away a menu.

    They're working out a theme.

    There's even talk of doing something around Eurovision.

    And of course, there's a competing party that's already popped up.

    Oh, and if London isn't really your scene, you could always go out to the country.