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A Tumblr Has Been Imagining Kylo Ren Living At Home With Han And Leia And It's So Perfect

Raising a Sith lord is really hard some days.

Tumblr user mamalaz has been creating these amazing scenes for a series called "The Modern Adventures of Han And Ben" and it's so great.

The series follows Han trying to raise his son, Ben. Meanwhile, all Ben wants to do is be a whiny Sith lord crybaby.

It doesn't just feature Han and Ben, either. In this one, Ben sends Leia a birthday message.

In this one, Uncle Lando stops by for a visit.

Obviously, Luke is worried about how Ben's been acting.

Oh, and in this one, General Hux stops by to see if "Kylo" can come out and play.

Bonus! Mamalaz did one imagining what would have happened if Darth Vader never died and went out to dinner with his kids.

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