Ke$ha Rides Around In A Drug Van With Furries

Ke$ha’s video for “C’mon” has a bunch people in mascot costumes and she takes a bath and dances in a grocery store. All in all, I’d give it a B+.

1. Ke$ha spends the video tooling around in a van with these guys.

2. And lays around a bunch, doing her Ke$ha face. You know the one.

3. When they drive her funky Ke$ha van around, it looks like this, so I think we’re supposed to infer that she and her stuffed animal people are high on drugs.

4. She also takes a bath, which is good, because it doesn’t seem like she does that a lot.

5. Oh, Ke$ha and her stuffed animals go to a grocery store and mess up the place. Kind of rude, but they’re having fun. That’s cool.

6. Then, lastly, they turn the lights out in the grocery store and have a big dance party. Which is pretty cool too.

7. Watch the whole thing:

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