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    This Little Girl's Scrapbook Proves Exactly Why Strong Female Characters Are So Important

    Mia has pretty excellent taste if you ask me.

    Military reservist and novelist Myke Cole shared this amazing page from his niece Mia's scrapbook.

    My niece showed me her scrap book. This entry made my heart grow three sizes. Made of hope.

    In case you can't read her handwriting, her list reads: "Katniss taught me to survive..."

    "Hermione taught me to reason..."

    "Tris taught me to be brave..."

    "Hazel taught me to hope..."

    "Éowyn taught me to fight..."

    "Merida taught me to fight for what I believe in..."

    Mia's dad told The Daily Dot that he doesn't push her to read young adult fiction, he just pushes her to read anything.

    @ajaromano @MykeCole She's my daughter & Myke's niece. We encourage her to read. Period. She lead the YA charge in our home.

    @lostleader_ @ajaromano I have a rule with her: she asks and I drop whatever I'm doing and buy her any book she wants.

    Way to go, Mia! You keep doing your thing.