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People Are Mad That It Looked Like The Kardashians Were Texting During The Ferguson Tribute At The VMAs


During a tribute to the conflicts in Ferguson, Mo., MTV's audience cam cut to the Kardashians.

And let's just say people weren't thrilled.

Kendall Jenner could literally care less about social change

It appeared that Kim, Kylie, and Kendall Kardashian talked amongst themselves, texted, and looked generally bored while presenter Common asked the audience to take a moment of silence for Mike Brown.

And then the jokes started...

I would pay TOP DOLLAR to see Kim Kardashian point out Ferguson on a map.

The Kardashian sisters just had to Google what #Ferguson is. #MTVVMAs2014

Kim kardashian in there like, "Whose Ferguson?"

Kylie Jenner on her phone while they talk about Ferguson awh :-) so sweet :-)

they're talking about FERGUSON and Kylie fucking Jenner is on her phone. No bitch. put it away. smh

BuzzFeed has reached out to MTV to confirm that the footage of the Kardashians texting happened during the moment of silence and wasn't on a delay and shown by mistake.