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    Japanese Comic Portrays Psy As A Rapist

    South Korean comic readers are enraged by a recent erotic manga that portrays Psy sexually assaulting one of its characters.

    This preview panel comes from an erotic manga called "Samuge-sō no Kimchi na Kanojo":

    In the issue, it's reported that Psy is portrayed as a member of a Korean gang that abducts and sexually assaults a group of Japanese high school girls. The Korean media went into an uproar when it learned of the parody. The above panel shows an obvious Psy caricature shouting "Gangnam Style" and kneeing one of the main characters in the groin.

    The Japanese have already had a tumultuous history with "Gangnam Style":

    It’s entirely possible that the recent political climate in northeast Asia might have cooled the Japanese fever for Korean pop songs. In late August — just as PSY was quickly rising to worldwide prominence — a dispute erupted over the Takeshima and Dokdo islets between Japan and Korea, with both countries claiming ownership. With diplomatic tensions running high, the Japanese public increasingly steered away from any perceived pro-Korean sentiment.