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Almost All Of Kanye West's BRIT Awards Performance Was Muted And It Was Super Awkward

Good song, I guess?

Kanye West played a newer song called "All Day" at the BRIT Awards on Wednesday night and it was kind of weird.

Kanye West live on stage performing "All Day" at #BRITs2015

Here's a quick summary, in case you missed it.

And not even Taylor Swift knew what to think about it (not really).

"Why does the sound keep dropping out?" #BRITs2015

Basically, ITV — the channel broadcasting the show — wasn't really sure what to do about the lyrics.

Am I the only one that enjoyed the muted sections of Kanyes performance? #BRITs2015

Erm....Kanye West at the Brits. Hoping this performance is better live than what I'm seeing on the TV at home.... #BRITAwards #BRITs2015

So a bunch of it was muted...

"The AUDIO MUTED bits are my FAVOURITE part of the song lol" - white people #BRITAwards2015

What's with the fucking audio muting? #BRITs2015

And stayed muted...

What's the point of muting if its at the wrong fucking time? #BRITs2015 or you just bleeping the swearing?

Why would Kanye sing a song on #BRITs2015 that half has to be muted because of swearing? Just do a different song😏

Through the whole thing...

What's the point in Kanye even performing when half of it's blanked out? #BRITs2015

Why did Kanye bother rapping when half his song was muted ffs #BRITAwards #BRITs2015

Also, the parts that weren't muted weren't exactly the right parts, either.

Did Kanye just miss the mute and drop the N bomb?? #BRITs2015

Did he just say the n word live on tv?? @ITV @kanyewest #BRITAwards #BRITs2015


It's like watching Big Brother live feed. #BRITs2015

Is it worth it?! #BRITs2015 #audiomuted

What is it about Kanye West and award shows, am I right?

most of Kanye is muted😂😂 #BRITs2015

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm audio muted #BRITs2015


What was the point of @kanyewest performing? #BRITs2015 #audiomuted. "everybody stand up for my husband" no thanks Kim

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