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A Teenager Made An Instagram Account Documenting His Great Grandma's Cancer And It Has Over 120,000 Followers

Betty's great-grandson made her an Instagram account, and now hundreds of thousands of people are watching her final days.

Zach Belden made an Instagram account for his great grandmother, Betty, in January.

And in just 3 months, the account has grown to over 120,000 followers, even though Betty doesn't know exactly how it works.

The Louisville, Ky. teen started the account for his great grandmother after learning she was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer.

Sadly, the 80-year-old Betty is too frail to undergo chemotherapy or any other sort of treatment.

But after Zach started posting Betty's selfies, she started getting prayers and words of support from people all over the world.

Not only does the Instagram account give Betty something to look forward to every day...

But all the attention got her a spot on the local news, only making her Instagram account go even more viral.

Betty told reporters that she feels like a celebrity every time she gets a new follower.

And Zach said the Instagram is both about spending time with his great grandma and creating something they'll have of her forever.

Way to go, Betty, you're the Internet's coolest grandma!