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    Inspiring Story Of Man Who Lost His Leg In Earthquake Returning To The Dance Floor

    Thirty-two-year-old Georges Exantus thought he'd never dance professionally again after the earthquake in Haiti three years ago took his leg. But thanks to a prosthetic leg, he's back doing what he loves, whether it be the salsa, cha-cha, or samba.

    This is Georges Exantus. He lives in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. This is his bedroom.

    Dieu Nalio Chery / AP

    Georges is a professional dancer.

    Dieu Nalio Chery / AP

    It was three years ago that the devastating 7.0 earthquake hit Haiti's capital. It flattened George's apartment, burying him under rubble. He spent three days trapped in the wreckage.

    Dieu Nalio Chery / AP

    Doctors had to amputate his leg below the knee. He now uses a prosthetic leg to get around.

    Dieu Nalio Chery / AP

    His prosthesis allows him to do what he loves most: dance.

    Dieu Nalio Chery / AP

    Georges now walks with a slight limp. He can't get around as fast as he used to or pull off some of his old moves, but he can still dance.

    Dieu Nalio Chery / AP

    And today Georges is getting married.

    Via http://Dieu%20Nalio%20Chery

    Here's Georges putting a ring on the finger of his bride, Sherly.

    Congratulations, Georges!

    In Haiti, there's a lot of stigma surrounding the disabled population, but Georges told the AP he's learned to ignore the stares.

    "As long as I am living I'm going to dance."

    Dieu Nalio Chery / AP

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