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If The Avengers Were Cast By Adorably Super Animals

The Avengers movie comes out Friday at midnight, and let's face it, the movie would be way better with adorable animals saving the world.

Chris Evans as Not-Cute-Enough Captain America

Much Cuter: Captain America the Labrador

Robert Downey Jr as Not-Cute-Enough Iron Man

Iron Man the Dwarf Crocodile

Chris Hemsworth as Not-Cute-Enough Thor

Thor the Corgi (Thorgi)

Mark Ruffalo as The Not-Cute-Enough Hulk

The Incredible Hulk Bull Dog

Jeremy Renner as Not-Cute-Enough Hawkeye

Hawkeye the Red Tailed Hawk

Scarlet Johansson as Not-Cute-Enough Black Widow

Black Widow the Cat That's Dressed Like A Spider

Samuel L. Jackson as Not-Cute-Enough Nick Fury

Nick Fury the Boston Terrier With An Eye Patch (Nick Furry)

The Avengers Assembled

The Super Terrific Totally Adorable Avengers Assembled