Husband Bought A Billboard For His 50th Anniversary To Tell His Late Wife He Still Loves Her

Joe Mikolajczak could have canceled the billboard when his wife Marylou passed away in April, but he didn’t.

1. This is Joe Mikolajczak. He loved surprising his wife Marylou. He bought her a billboard for their golden 50th. The only problem was Marylou passed away in April.

2. Joe decided to run the billboard anyway, though. “It was just my way of saying ‘I love you,’” he told local reporters.

3. The dates, however, don’t add up to 50, they add up to 68, commemorating Marylou’s whole life instead.

4. Joe said surprising his wife was always one of his favorite things, just to see her smile.

5. Joe said the sign was a great way to show everyone how much he loved Marylou.

6. He told Marylou about his plan to run the billboard in the days before she died.

7. She thought he was nuts. He says she was worth it.

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