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How Do You Dance To Dubstep?

Finally, an answer to this incredibly important question!

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OK, let's do this. First hit play on this bad boy.

Get your arms loose, like this cartoon Link GIF.

And shake your neck out like this woman in a public library.

Now, important question: Are you amped?

Well, get amped. This is dubstep. We're going all the way with it.

Damn straight. Arms up, feel the wubs. Do you feel the wubs?

Get your arms going, float on the wubs.

Let your arms bounce along an ocean of wubs.

The closer you look like a puppet or something, the better.

Go full airplane with your arms — you're building up energy.

Costumes are cool too, like this dude's Guy Fawkes mask.

Or this guy's glowsticks and pacifer.


Leave the pacifers at home.

Are you ready for the drop?

OK, here comes the drop.

buwaaaaaaahhh wawp wawp wawp buwaaaaaaahhh wawp wawp wawp buwaaaaaaahhh wawp wawp wawp buwaaaaaaahhh wawp wawp wawp

You're a being of pure dubstep.

OK, this guy might have dropped a little too far.

Wait, do you feel that? It's the break. That really light and airy part in the bridge. It's here.

It's glorious.

You feel amazing.

And then there's another break and everyone goes crazy.

And that's pretty much it. Congratulations, you're dancing to dubstep!

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