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No One Has Any Idea How To Answer The Phone While Using A Selfie Stick

Look, we got to figure this out, it's 2015, people.

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Has this ever happened to you?

You've been enjoying your selfie stick.

Love my selfie stick, not ideal for taking a call though!

You spent like 10 minutes trying to get your phone into the selfie stick's little clip thingy.

When you're trying to take a phone call but you're trying to selfie with your selfie stick also

You got the angle just right.

New first world problem observed: How do you answer your phone while it's attached to your selfie stick?

When suddenly you get a phone call.

Selfie stick drawback: when a call comes in mid-shot (via @clairechitham)

You're not alone.

when you're using the selfie stick but you gotta make a call

It's a crisis.

When you hype with your new selfie stick but you get a super important phone call lmfao @jari_oh

It affects us all.

BUT FIRST, LET ME TAKE A SELFIE. Eh jap answer call dulu yer

People of all ages are struggling with this.

Dylan told me I am the un-coolest dad he ever saw. Take the selfie stick off to answer the phone. Better reception 😀

There has to be a better way!

Don't you just hate having to unclip your phone from it's selfie stick to take a call? #firstworldproblems

It's simple. Just do not answer your phone. Take your selfie and call them back, people.

It's taking away our dignity, when we wanted to do in the first place was take a more dignified looking photo of our own face.

When you get a phone call but you're trying to to take a fire selfie with your stick @alxhasherPAWSUP

Don't let this be you!

That moment when your #selfiestick gets in the way of a phone call. #HumansOfLondon

Thank you for your time.

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