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Have You Ever Wondered How A McDonald's Hamburger Patty Gets Made?

The question is, of course, do you want to know how your Big Mac gets made?

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As Naomi Starkman at Civil Eats writes:

Online, McDonald's answers some questions about its products. So far, I didn't see any questions (or answers) about antibiotic use or whether its eggs are cage-free, even in its section on "sourcing and sustainability." Here's what they do answer. On beef hormones: "Most of the cattle we get our beef from are treated with added hormones, a common practice in the U.S. that ranchers use to promote growth." On feeding animals GMO feed: "Generally speaking, farmers feed their livestock a balanced diet that includes grains, like corn and soybeans. Over 90% of the U.S. corn and soybean crops are GMO, so cattle, chickens and pigs in our supply chain do eat some GMO crops."

You can watch the whole video here:

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