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    Homeless Koala Finds A Happy Ending

    This poor little guy came back to his home to discover all the trees had been cut down. Luckily, a local farmer helped him find a new home!

    Lee Rhiannon, an Australian Senator from New South Wales, posted this heartbreaking photo on her Facebook.

    This little guy's home was destroyed after a patch of forest was cleared. Koalas are protected in Australia, but their homes, however, are not.

    Luckily, for this handsome young koala, two local landowners agreed to make sure he found a new home on their property.

    The rescue and relocation of the displaced koala was set-up by Australia's Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service, or WIRES.

    WIRES is still on the lookout for other confused and homeless koalas in the area, hoping to find new homes for them too.

    But it is good news for this little guy, who now has a nice new home.

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