High School Student Arrested For Inciting Great “Harlem Shake” Riot Of 2013

So maybe it’s time to stop filming “Harlem Shake” videos now?

1. Hundreds of Forest Hills High School students caused a mini-riot last week after attempting to do a “Harlem Shake” video.

2. Arnis Mehmetaj, the 17-year-old behind the stunt, was both suspended and arrested after it was discovered he organized the video. Mehmetaj was charged with disorderly conduct and is also suspended from school for five days.

3. A petition was immediately started by students at Forest Hills High School called “Give Arnis a Chance” and is viewable in Google’s cache, but it has since been taken down.

4. Arnis’ father told the New York Post that he has never gotten in trouble before this incident.

5. It’s also been reported that Arnis tried to pull the plug on the video that morning, but word of mouth had spread too fast and he couldn’t stop students from congregating.

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