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Hey BuzzFeed, How Is Everyone Feeling Today?

Take our very scientific and awesomely GIF-tastic quiz and let us know how you're feeling in the comments!

If you feel like this cat

Or look like this dog

Or sympathize with this cat

You might be... overwhelmed!

If you woke up feeling like this awesome kid

If you're dancing like Mr. Rodgers

Or look like this guy

You might be... cool as heck!

If you totally know how this cat feels

Or feel like this little girl

Or look like Raven Symone does right now

You might be... totally stressed!

Do you feel like this guy?

Or this cat?

Do you look like Will Smith right now?

You might be... excited!

Are you not having it like this cat?

Do you feel little bit like Rihanna today?

Well, if you feel like this

You might be... mad!

If you're as upset as this panda

If you're crying

If you look like this cat

You might be... depressed!

Are you this bunny in an office?

Are you this sun bear cub struggling to stay awake?

Are your eyelids getting heavy?

Well that means you might be... exhausted!

If you're feeling like this

Or this

Or this

You might be... losing it... :/