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    Here's What's Actually Inside A 5-Hour Energy Drink

    The FDA is reporting that more than 30 cases have been filed since 2009 involving serious injuries caused by the energy drink. So what's in this darn thing?

    The New York Times this week ran a story about the possible dangers of 5-Hour Energy

    "Since 2009, 5-Hour Energy has been mentioned in some 90 filings with the F.D.A., including more than 30 that involved serious or life-threatening injuries like heart attacks, convulsions and, in one case, a spontaneous abortion, a summary of F.D.A. records reviewed by The New York Times showed."

    But according to 5-Hour Energy's website, most of the drink's ingredients are relatively harmless.

    The key ingredients in 5-hour ENERGY® are also available in every day foods – like broccoli, avocados, bananas and apples – or already in you. It contains zero sugar, four calories and as much caffeine as a cup of the leading premium coffee.

    So what's in it?

    1. Taurine

    2. Malic acid

    3. Tyrosine

    4. Phenylalanine

    5. Glucuronolactone

    6. Citicoline

    7. Niacin

    8. Folic acid

    9. Vitamin B12

    10. Vitamin B6

    11. Caffeine

    How much caffeine is in 5-Hour Energy versus a cup of coffee?

    •An eight-ounce cup of coffee contains anywhere from 100 to 150 milligrams of caffeine.
    •The caffeine content of a full bottle of 5-Hour Energy is 207 mg.

    So now you know: Its ingredients seem pretty harmless, but remember, everything in moderation!