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Here's What 13 Different School Lunches From All Over The World Look Like

How does yours stack up?

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1. Pakistan

AP Photo/Anjum Naveed

Most of the kids at the Bahria Foundation School in Rawalpindi have home cooked food for lunch. The principal tries to convince parents to make their children a healthy lunch.

“If we discover that a child has junk food, we ask his or her parents to please make a little effort for their child’s health,” Principal Syeda Arifa Mohsin said.

2. Argentina

AP Photo/Natacha Pisarenko

A plastic plate containing an empanada of meat, milanesa (meat covered with egg and bread), and potato at a school in Buenos Aires. In Argentina, most children have hot homemade lunch before or after they attend public school, which is generally taught in four-hour shifts in the morning or afternoon.

AP Photo/Ted S. Warren

Mirror Lake Elementary School in Federal Way, Wash., serves a grilled cheese sandwich on whole grain bread is served with a southwestern-style corn salad, fresh carrots and either canned pears or apple sauce. Students could choose between this lunch or a green salad entree option featuring low-sodium chicken, a whole-grain roll, fresh red peppers, and cilantro dressing.


7. Mali

AP Photo/Baba Ahmed

Mamadou Diagana, shows his fried donuts as he makes his way to school in Bamako. In Mali’s capital, the majority of students go to neighborhood schools and return home from noon to 3 p.m. so they can eat lunch with their families. Then they return to class until 5 p.m.

9. England

AP Photo/Sang Tan

Two lunch trays at a primary school in London. On the right is pasta with fresh broccoli and slices of bread, and seasonal fresh fruit. On the left is a vegetable chili with rice and fresh broccoli, sponge cake with custard, and a banana. The drink options are milk and water.

10. Indonesia

AP Photo/Achmad Ibrahim

Sri, a house maid, shows a lunch box she prepared for her employer's child, at an elementary school in Jakarta holds up a lunch of rice, meatball soup, and tofu and vegetables.


11. Cuba

AP Photo/Franklin Reyes

Milagro Ramos, a student at the Angela Landa elementary school in Old Havana, is eating a chicken croquette, a piece of taro root and yellow pea soup for lunch. Milagro brought fried plantains, lower left corner of her tray, and an orange drink from home. The children provide their own drinks.

12. Ecuador

AP Photo/Dolores Ochoa

A student's lunch box brought from home sits on display at an elementary school in Quito. It's a ham sandwich with cheese, tomato and lettuce, a boxed oatmeal drink, and an apple.

13. Singapore

AP Photo/Wong Maye-E

At Delcare Edu Center, a local kindergarten and child care center in the business district of Singapore, lunch is prepared by the school's kitchen staff, who take great care to promote healthy eating in the selection of their ingredients and methods of food preparation. The children in this school are also taught to accept a wide variety of food and a weekly menu is prepared by the principal each school term. Healthy snacks consisting of fruits, home-made bread, natural beans, soup and barley are served between meals.