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Here's Exactly How The Most Recent, Huge Death In "Game Of Thrones" Was Pulled Off

This post is literally one gigantic SPOILER, even if you're caught up on the show. But aren't you kind of curious how they did it?

Last night Joffrey was poisoned at his wedding. But how did it happen?!

Well, do you remember Ser Dontos? The drunk guy who's been creeping on Sansa?

Before Joffrey's wedding, he gives her a necklace. That necklace has seven crystals. This is important!

The next day, Lady Olenna, the very badass matriarch of the Tyrells, comes over to Sansa during Joffrey's wedding. She's actually...

...pulling off one of Sansa's crystals.

In the Game of Thrones universe, there's a poison called "The Strangler." It's made from purple crystallized plants.

Lady Olenna then leaves with the missing purple crystal.

A bit later Joffrey gets drunk, humiliates Tyrion, and forces Tyrion to be his cupbearer.

Tyrion goes to get Joffrey's wine. All the while, Lady Olenna is watching the wine very, very closely.

And then Joffrey drinks the wine and dies.


And no one, except for Ser Dontos and Lady Olenna, was the wiser. That is...unless there were others involved...

Huge shout out to all the very intrepid "detectives" over at the Game of Thrones subreddit.