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    Posted on Aug 12, 2014

    Here Is A Good Reason To Maybe Rethink Taking Your Wedding Photos At The Beach


    Sergio and Gina Capozzi got married in San Diego on Saturday. Their photographer, Belinda Mayberry, decided it'd cute to grab a few photos on the beach.

    Mayberry told BuzzFeed that Gina saw a spot by the water she liked and they all went over to grab a photo. Which, as it turns out, wasn't the best idea…

    Because this happened...

    Belinda Mayberry

    The couple didn't mind getting soaked though. Mayberry said there was a crowd on the beach clapping and cheering them on.

    Sergio posted the amazing photo on Reddit, where it quickly blew up. He told users that they aren't as close to the water as it looks, they just got hit by a rogue wave.

    "We walked back to the reception and the DJ reintroduced them to the party and they went right to dancing, soaked and all," Mayberry said. "It was amazing and that was the most epic wedding image I have taken in my 7 years of shooting weddings!"

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