Here Are 16 Of The Best (Worst) High School “Thrift Shop” Parodies

The world of teenager-made music videos is a very weird and embarrassing one.

1. This is a “Thrift Shop” parody from Quitman High School called “Sweatshop.”

2. Seymour High School’s parody definitely has the best costumes.

3. Here’s a pretty good one about being a graduating senior.

4. North Gwinnett High made a “Thrift Shop” parody for their “morp” (which is prom spelled backwards).

5. This is a “Thrift Store” parody done by a math class at Pickerington North High School.

6. Emma, Loryn, Bekah, Molly, Nicole, and Chloe also made a math class-themed “Thrift Shop” parody.

7. This one is similar, but it’s only about calculus.

8. And this one is about anatomy class.

9. And this one is about economics class.

10. Ashland High School made a “Thrift Shop” parody that doesn’t have any cuss words in it, which is good.

11. This is a “Thrift Shop” parody called “Antelope High School called “Yearbook Shop.”

12. Vestavia Hills High School’s math team also made a “Thrift Shop” parody.

13. This is called “I’m Feeling Good Today” and it is both a “Thrift Shop” parody AND a “Harlem Shake” video.

14. Here’s one about getting good grades and drinking slushies.

15. Pikeville High School made a pretty faithful parody for something called “Panther Power Hour.”

16. The best “Thrift Shop” parody of all though is from sixth graders Stefan, Jaden, Cody, and Matthew and it’s called “Microscope.”

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