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    Rob Zombie Shut Down Dudes Hating On All-Girl Metal Band Babymetal And It's The Best

    "They roll harder than you."

    Rob Zombie posted this photo with Japanese all-girl metal band Babymetal on Monday. "Backstage with my new pals," the caption reads.

    If you aren't familiar with Babymetal, they're a three-piece J-pop-influenced metal band. Their lead singer, Suzuka "Su-Metal" Nakamoto, is only 18 years old. The other two singers, Moa "Moametal" Kikuchi and Yui "Yuimetal" Mizuno, are just 16 years old.

    Their big thing when they meet American metal bands is to take photos with them. Here's one of them throwing up the horns with members of Slayer.

    And the commenters were upset that Rob Zombie was posing with a band like Babymetal, whom people were calling an embarrassment to "real" metal bands. Except Rob Zombie didn't have any time for that nonsense.

    And even better, people noticed that Rob Zombie wasn't letting metalheads disrespect Babymetal. His comments were screenshot and shared all over Twitter.

    You can check out Babymetal's single "Karate" off their newest album Metal Resistance below. By the way, their first album was certified gold and their newest album peaked at No. 2 on the U.S. hard rock charts.

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    Sorry, grump metal dudes!

    BuzzFeed has reached out to Rob Zombie for comment.