Meet Some Of The Hardest Working Dogs In The World

    These are some pretty good dogs.

    These gorgeous portraits of some very awesome dogs with jobs were done by photographer Andrew Fladeboe.

    Fladeboe has spent time photographing animals in the Netherlands, the Highlands of Scotland, southern France, and Norway.

    In 2014, Fladeboe was awarded a Fulbright Grant to photograph and study working dogs in New Zealand.

    "I've always loved animals since I was a little boy," Fladeboe told BuzzFeed Animals. "Doctor Dolittle was my hero. So it made sense to focus my craft on something I love."

    Fladeboe said he loves the idea of working dogs.

    "It's just amazing how they bonded and evolved with us over the past 30,000 years," he said.

    "Overall, my goal is to continue honoring the creatures that we share the world with."

    Fladeboe is a big proponent of working dogs. In an interview with National Geographic earlier this month, Fladeboe said dogs with jobs are some of the happiest out there.

    "For a dog like a border collie, they are happiest when they have a job to do," Fladeboe said. "I feel much worse for a border collie that lives in a big city than one that is worked to the bone on a farm."

    Dogs are the best.

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